Honeypot and Risk Checker
Better be safe than sorry!
Input any token address and check if it is a probable honeypot or risky.

How it works?

TokensHive.com Honeypot Checker can detect if a deployed token is considered as a honeypot.

Our Honeypot Checker is based on the following metrics:
  • Buy / Sell stimulation.
  • High transaction tax.
  • High transaction gas fees.
  • Presence of addequate liquidity.
  • Presence of solvable liquidity.
  • Liquidity locks in multiple Lockers.
  • Token ownership.
  • Owner share of total liquidity.
Newest Tokens
The newest created token contracts.
Jump Satoshi Token (JST)
4M ago
Flames (FLS)
4M ago
Coinscope (COINSCOPE)
9M ago
seconds ago
seconds ago
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2m ago
ceshi (ceshi)
5m ago
9m ago
ACCToken (ACC)
11m ago
PoodleFi Fair Launch (PoodleFi)
13m ago
LivenodesToken (LNOT)
15m ago
Broncos (Broncos)
15m ago
郑万锦兑换币 (郑万锦兑换币)
17m ago
babyleo (babyleo)
18m ago
DOG Token (DOGE)
22m ago
IriaCoin (IRI)
24m ago
DOG Token (DOGE)
27m ago
28m ago
Gold Pineapple (GPAP)
29m ago
31m ago
Trending Tokens
The most trending tokens in the last 7 days.
Gamer Metaverse GOLD (GMGOLD)
6d ago
staymobilestaysocial (SMSS)
a year ago
PicnicSwap (PICNIC)
10M ago
10M ago
BullishBNBgrow (BNBGROW)
15d ago
a year ago
Bangkaew Coin (BGKC)
10M ago
Mebox.io (MEBOX)
10M ago
Be Smart Ambitious (BSA)
9M ago
Landian Coin (LNDA)
a year ago
Marvellex (MLX)
a year ago
Jump Satoshi Token (JST)
4M ago
Master DUSD Network (MDUSD)
5M ago
Unified Data Index (UDI)
8M ago
16d ago
Planeteer (PTR)
10M ago
CryptoProxyCoin (CPC)
8M ago
Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)
11d ago
Flames (FLS)
4M ago
11d ago
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