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This is the pair explorer of MetaBank token and BSC-USD.
Date Created: August 24th 2022, 4:05:38 am | Last Update : December 1st 2022, 1:04:36 pm
Pair Analysis
Liquidity Value
Pair Supply
15,868,507,110,239,614,000,000,000 MBANK
Burned Tokens
860,108,723,098,344,000,000,000 MBANK
Owner tokens (5.42%)
860,108,723,098,344,000,000,000 MBANK
Liquidity Locks
Locker: UniCrypt
Unlock date: Dec 31, 2122 4:00 AM
Locked Amount (94.50%):
14,995,524,950,999,215,000,000,000 MBANK
Lock Status: Active
Token Summary
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